In light of the global pandemic, Stockbridge developed a Flexible Learning Program in response to the challenge of providing continuity of learning and enhanced learning modalities to our young learners most especially at this time.

The Stockbridge Flexible Learning Program is an innovative approach to learning that addresses our current social environment. It is informed by extensive research on best practices from both the local and international community. It is also based on the Department of Education’s Flexible Delivery Options (D.O. 21 s. 2019) and Learning Continuity Plan. The program is further enhanced and complemented by learning frameworks of our international education partners, the Fieldwork Education (UK) and the Nacel International School Systems (NISS, Minnesota and USA).

Highlights of the Stockbridge Virtual Classroom Learning Program:

  1. International, Innovative and Dynamic Curriculum

    The Stockbridge curriculum is built into the framework of our international education partners (Fieldwork, UK; NACEL International School Systems, USA) which provides breadth and depth to student learning. School leaders, teachers and students have access to a global network of support resources.

  2. Hybrid Learning Model

    Students learn with classmates through both online and offline activities. Live and online classes are done to foster collaborative learning and independent home-based activities with or without parents’ guidance are given to reinforce learning. This is to consider parent’s schedule, multi-child household and availability of connectivity.

  3. Rich Learning Experiences for Engagement

    Students get excited for each session. Different learning experiences are used according to session outcomes and learners’ needs. This includes but not limited to big group classes, small focused group meetings and personalized one-on-one learning. Exciting activities to strengthen student learning is also used such as gamification of learning, virtual tours and learning activities using different applications.

  4. Learning that is Focused on Essential and Core Competencies

    Each class session is carefully planned out to make sure that learners meet their goals for the week. Lessons are delivered in chunks or modules and are seamlessly integrated to develop a deep understanding of different concepts across subject areas. Assessment is flexible and processed focused rather than product/output-focused.

  5. Professional Academic Network

    Being a part of the exclusive network of the JIB International Schools, all teachers have undergone training sessions and workshops and individual feedbacking as early as May to prepare for the coming school year. This is supported by in-school trainings conducted by field experts and local and international consultants of each JIB School. Learning sessions and materials are also provided by our international partners to incorporate international best practices in flexible learning programs.

  6. Global Learning Environment

    Students become global citizens. We bring the world to our virtual classrooms. Through our international partners and our World Education Advisory Council, students get diverse experiences and exchanges. Students get to make friends with other international students around the world through web-based learning platforms and as well as virtual field trips. This fosters multiculturalism and internationalism.

  7. Stockbridge Package for At Home Learning (Stockbridge PAL)

    To support learning at home, each student is given a Stockbridge PAL. This is an independent learning kit that contains a list of learning invitations with detailed instructions on how to do the activities. It also has worksheets, project materials, and other resources to enrich the learning experience. Learning invitations may be done at the student’s own time and pace.

  8. Stocky’s Socials

    Socio-emotional skills are nurtured even through a virtual classroom modality. Virtual activities are also organized to provide opportunities for students to socialize and hangout with their friends for a holistic student learning experience. Online activities such as online book clubs, mindfulness exercises for mental health and emotional development, online art clubs, recipe exchanges and etc. Virtual counselling with the school’s licensed guidance counsellor is also available for students.

  9. Parent Support Program

    Parents are our partners in the success of students’ learning journeys. We will be with you every step of the way as we transition to this new modality of learning. Our parent support program includes the parent orientation webinar series, virtual classroom simulation week, and personalized meetings. A designated parent coordinator is also assigned to make sure that concerns and feedback of parents are properly addressed. Teachers have designated one-on-one sessions and small group meetings with students to allow feedbacking and enrichment of learning. Parents can coordinate with the school’s parent coordinator should their children be experiencing any difficulty in their lessons, homework and other activities.

  10. Education Technology Partners

    Our virtual classroom is safe and secure. We have partnered with authorized educational technology services to make sure that student online learning is safe and robust. Partners include Google for Education, Microsoft Education, Zoom for K12 Schools, See Saw for Schools and etc.

The Pre-Kindergarten Virtual Classroom offers learners an inquiry-based program that focuses on the development of core skills. It is a combination of online and experiential, hands-on learning. Lessons also offer children opportunities to develop their L.I.O.N.S socio-emotional competencies.

Our weekly learning journey is intentionally designed to engage students in a meaningful, interactive environment.

The Stockbridge basic education (K-12) program is grounded on the Nacel International School Systems (NISS, Minnesota and USA) and built into the framework of the American Education Reaches Out (AERO). Our Virtual Classroom offers learners a project-based approach where students are active learners and learn through inquiry and exploration of real-world phenomena. Lessons are seamlessly integrated across different subjects for deeper understanding. This approach enhances learners 21st Century Skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) for them to become leaders with global competencies. Combined with online and experiential learning, this also provides students the opportunity to develop their socio-emotional skills.

Our virtual classroom learning design takes on a modular approach. Lessons are delivered as a module or as u unit/chapter that typically spans over a week. This allows learners to have a structured learning and focus on the learning goals and activities for the week. Online classes and assignments will be held Monday through Thursday. Friday will focus on providing small group instruction, small group meetings for projects and one-on-one counseling or guidance for students.

Our learner’s weekly virtual classroom journey is designed to engage learners in meaningful and purposeful learning experiences. Performance tasks will also make virtual learning relevant to our students lives as we work towards the integration of project-based learning. Lessons, activities (both online and offline) and assessments are carefully planned out to consider effective online learning experiences. All these activities are done within the class schedule.

Different virtual classroom class sizes will be implemented according to learning activities for the session. Timing and daily goals are fluid depending on the modules and the learners’ needs.

As we transition to the Stockbridge Flexible Learning Program for this school year, rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way. We have taken into consideration all parents’ comments and feedback along with our institution’s goals and have well prepared a plan to further be of assistance to you most especially during this time.

Staying Ahead In Stockbridge Parent Support Programs:

  1. Parents’ Orientation Webinar Series

    Every start of the school year, the school conducts a parents’ orientation to ensure that parents are informed of the school’s philosophy and goals, their child’s learning goals according to grade level/program, school policies and guidelines and school services and etc. This year, aside from the usual orientation topics, we will be including topics that would provide support for parents for our partnership to be successful.

    This includes topics but not limited to the following:

    The orientation will be conducted through a series of webinar or online learning sessions. Parents are highly encouraged to attend the sessions, but a guardian may also be assigned. It is acceptable to have a designate guardian to provide support to your child’s learning.

  2. Virtual Classroom Simulation Week

    The first week of the school year will be considered as a Virtual Classroom Simulation Week or trial week. Teachers will spend the first few sessions to closely guide learners as they use different online platforms. This includes being able to log-in, configuring settings and exploring through the technology available. Sessions on digital citizenship, cyber etiquette, cyber security and digital literacy will also be given. At the same time, this will allow learners and parents alike to ease into the routine of the virtual classroom modality.

  3. Ongoing School-Parent Support Consultations

    Like any partnership, communication is the key. Stockbridge has created an Educational Technology Office that is tasked to monitor the virtual classroom learning as delivered by our teachers and provide school-parent support programs. A designated parent coordinator is assigned to make sure that concerns and feedback of parents are properly addressed. Parents can coordinate with the school’s parent coordinator should their children be experiencing any difficulty in their lessons, homework and other activities. Teachers will also communicate with parents from time to time just to check-in for any concerns.