Stockbridge prides itself to be a Truly International School!

International Mindset

SAIS envisions itself to develop students to become global leaders who celebrate diverse perspectives and cultures, understand that the world is interconnected and respond to challenges that transcend borders. We offer an international educational experience that develop students’ international mindset, confidence and communication skills, social responsibility and leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

International Curricula

An international curricula prepares students to interact on a global scale. SAIS brings the world into the classrooms. The SAIS curricula adheres to international standards set by SAIS educational partners, the Nacel International School Systems (NISS, Minnesota and USA) and the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC, London, UK) that promote leadership and teamwork, critical thinking and creativity skills and lifelong learning.

International Certification

The Stockbridge curricula is a seamless integration of Philippine and international standards guided by our institutional philosophy and goals. Because of this, the Stockbridge program is unlike any other school – we provide a dual certificate program where students achieve a Philippine diploma and an International Certificate granted by our International Education Partners that are recognized worldwide.

Technology Driven Classrooms and Innovative Education Facilities

SAIS students’ learning take place in modern, age-appropriate and technology aided classrooms. Learning is also enhanced through the use of education facilities that includes the ff.: Music and Creative Arts (MAC), Stockbridge Theatre Arts and Recreation Suite (STAR), Performing Arts Studio, Discovery and Innovations Laboratory, Library and Digital Innovations and Learning Hub.

Experiential Learning

SAIS believes that students learn the most through practical and experiential learning in a non-traditional classroom. Lessons come to life and students reflect on their learning process which allows them to immediately apply lessons learned, build reflective skills and have a sense of accountability towards their own achievements.

Global Environment

SAIS students and staff are multinational and multilingual (in varying extents) adding diverse experiences and exchanges inside school. Students also get to interact and make friends with other international students around the world through innovative learning web-based platforms. SAIS also prides itself to having formed a World Education Advisory Council that consists of International Education Experts.