Early Childhood Programs

6 months to 4.11 years old

A bright start to your child’s success!

Why Study Early Childhood in Stockbridge?

The preschool years are an exciting time! Children grow and develop at a remarkable pace. These years present us with the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation for lifelong learning. We, at Stockbridge, are committed to providing your children with a complete early childhood educational program that is engaging, stimulating, creative, and safe. Our program focuses on the development of the whole child – cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical.

Our early childhood education program is based on the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), which utilizes relevant and research-driven approaches to learning. Stockbridge is part of the worlwide network of schools affiliated with Fieldwork Education (London, UK), the leading innovator in international education and professional learning.

    Stockbridge Highlights:

  • International Curriculum: Fieldwork Education (UK), Singapore Math, Letterland (USA)
  • Small class size
  • Personalized Reading Program
  • Stockbridge Smart Play Program
  • Community Events and Activities
  • Innovative Educational Facilities


Smart Play (6mos to 1.5 yo)

Smart Play classes provide infants and toddlers with opportunities to engage meaningfully with the world around them. Classes are carefully structured with a variety of activities that nurture cognitive and social development whilst building confidence.

With parental participation, babies are gently encouraged to use their senses through exploration of specialized learning equipment. Massage and music & movement build agility, balance, and coordination. Stories, arts & crafts, and other literacy activities nurture language development.

Smart Cubs (1.6 – 2.0 yo)

Toddlers are curious explorers who love learning new things. Constantly on the go, they use their bodies and senses to form connections and understand their surroundings. Smart Cubs offer a wide range of activities to nurture and strengthen these connections while giving them the opportunity to explore a wide range of physical movements.

The ABCs of Active Play - Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Climbing are being honed and mastered through the use of our Smart Play equipment. Children develop the “I can” attitude, which is essential as they grow and progress in life.

Smart Explorers (2.1 – 2.11 yo)

Through planned experiences set up as learning centers, this 2-hour daily program engages children in deep, meaningful learning. Children participate in dynamic explorations of concepts, ideas, and interests through projects and investigations. Cognitive skills, such as problem solving and mathematical skills, are developed through the use of various manipulatives and learning materials. Pre-reading and early literacy skills are established through phonics and literature using Letterland Literacy (UK).

Through active exploration in the Smart Explorers, children gain confidence and develop their independence.

Pre-Kindergarten 1 (3.0 – 3.11 yo)

This program further strengthens the foundation of learning from the Smart Classes. Children at this level take a more active role in constructing their knowledge. They explore, interact, investigate, and experiment through planned provocations that are built upon authentic interests.

Pre-Kinder 1 students master mathemical concepts, such as numeracy, and hone their analytical skills. Reading and language skills are further developed through exploration of various forms of literature and interactive activities from Letterland Literacy (UK).

Children become confident, capable learners who are able to demonstrate their knowledge in various ways.

Pre-Kindergarten 2 (4.0 – 4.11 yo)

The Pre-Kindergarten 2 program is centered on subject-integrated activities for Math, Science, and Social Studies. We also offer an individualized literacy program that identifies core competencies to strengthen a child’s reading skills, comprehension, language development, and writing skills.

Lessons and activities are purposely structured to provide children with the optimum environment to develop a lifelong love for learning and strong thinking skills. Children confidently express their views and ideas, develop critical and analytical skills, and become creative problem solvers. They also develop a keen sense of personal and social responsibility.

The Pre-Kindergarten 2 program sets a solid foundation that prepares children to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.