The Stockbridge American International School curriculum is a seamless integration of the Philippine’s Department of Education standards with those of an American education through collaborating with the NACEL International School System (USA) and American Education Reaches Out (AERO) programs. This integration provides a holistic, well rounded education for all our Stockbridge students providing them with the skill set they need to succeed as future business leaders and entrepreneurs with global competencies.


At Stockbridge, our science class aims to develop critical thinking skills in scientific literacy in preparation for being able to make judgements and decisions regarding applications of scientific knowledge that may have social, health, or environmental impacts. We recognize the place science and technology have in everyday human affairs, thus promoting a strong connection between the two. This subject also provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their innate curiosity, hone their critical thinking skills and form educated judgments about the world around them, which are all hallmarks of a responsible leader.


Mathematics is a subject that allows all students to learn about quantities, shapes and figures, functions, logic, and reasoning. However, mathematics is also a language of its own with its own notations, symbols and “grammar” rules to aide in the development of connections between subjects further supporting effective communication and critical thinking skills. Our approach in teaching Math also takes on a practical approach as students are taught about its application in real life scenarios such as in personal, professional and business aspects. More than the numbers and symbols, we focus on their underlying meanings to enhance students’ analysis and reasoning skills that are essential to be successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Social Studies

In our social studies classes, we provide an avenue to study about how identity is formed within members of all societies. At Stockbridge, students will learn about the history of how people lived in the past and how it relates to today via studying the relationships and interactions between individuals, communities and their environments connecting to the development of our Core Value of Stewardship. Through this class, students understand and appreciate history as it shapes their current identities and realities allowing them to have a wider perspective of the world.

English Language Arts

English Language Arts is divided into 5 basic categories: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. While at Stockbridge, students are guided through various scheduled learning activities to not only learn essential ideas, concepts, and skills of the English language, but to develop their creativity with using language. This subject will also provide an opportunity for our students to hone their skills at becoming effective communicators in order to facilitate global collaboration.

Reading and Penmanship (Kinder through grade 3)

Stockbridge provides extra instruction for learning how to write letters, words, and sentences properly with correct stroke order and spacing. Another strong point of this program is the focus on the development of reading comprehension providing the base for lifelong learning.


While our language of instruction is English, we find great value in teaching the Filipino language within Stockbridge American International School. In this class, students develop skills in effective communication as they learn how to not only communicate in Filipino with their classmates, but gain insights into the importance of code switching and to guide them on their way in multilingualism. Likewise, our Filipino subject also focuses on Filipino culture and values that will guide students as they navigate through different stages of their life. This class will also strengthen the connection across countries and cultures through the enhancement of our CORE VALUE of open-mindedness.

Leadership and Personality Development (LEAP)

Leadership and Personality Development is one of the Stockbridge Signature Subjects. It’s in this subject that we explore integrity and the concept of becoming a confident Global Business Leader. Students learn how an international mindset contributes to making decisions and acting responsibly toward the benefit of all. Our students will also begin to develop their skills in multiculturalism as they learn to value and empower one another as a community of leaders. Concepts of hard work and industriousness are also explored as students practice them through hands-on learning activities. This subject also strengthens the connections between all of our Core Values of Leadership, Integrity, Open-mindedness, Nobility, and Stewardship that will prepare them for today’s challenges and will be the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EaI) (Grade 4 and above)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation or EaI provides a time focus on the importance of learning the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s world of work. Stockbridge students will learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, develop skills in market research, and learn to create business plans. Abstract concepts will come to life as students learn the skills necessary to become global leaders and noble entrepreneurs.

Music, Arts, Physical Education, Health (MAPEH)

At Stockbridge, the MAPEH subjects actively engages our students as they learn about the importance of movement and taking care of ones health in order to be able to gain the knowledge for becoming lifelong learners. A holistic education also includes the development of skills in artistic expression and cultural literacy. Through this class, students will be able to gain worldly insights and cross-cultural connections as they learn a country’s culture through folk dance and cultural artwork.

World Language (Junior High School)

Stockbridge Junior High School students will take on learning a new world language to better prepare them to step into their roles as global citizens. Not only will this develop stronger skills in effective communication, it will serve to inspire our students to become young global business leaders.