Our International Partners

As we envision Stockbridge to be the premier international school in Davao and General Santos Cities, Philippines, we have partnered with relevant international education institutions. These partnerships allow us to be a part of a global network of educational experts with the same goal of preparing students for success in an ever-increasing global arena.

Our early childhood program is built into the framework of the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC, Fieldworkd Education London, UK) and our basic education (K-12) program is grounded on the Nacel International School Systems (NISS, Minnesota and USA) standard. Thus, the Stockbridge curriculum is a seamless integration of Philippine and international standards guided by our institutional philosophy and goals. Because of this, the Stockbridge program is unlike any other school – we provide a dual certificate program where students achieve a Philippine diploma and an International Certificate granted by our International Education Partners that are recognized worldwide.

Our Global Partners:

Fieldwork Education (London, UK)

Founded in 1984 with the vision to improve learning, the Fieldwork Education is known worldwide for having a rich history of leading innovation in international education, with their relevant, practical and research-driven approaches to designing international curriculum, accreditation and professional learning. Fieldwork Education has developed the International Early Year Curriculum (IEYC), an innovative research-based toolkit, recognizing international best practices and the developmental needs of preschool children. Used in over 90 member schools and accredited schools, this curriculum prepares students’ transition phase, forging a seamless link between early and formal education.

Nacel International School Systems (NISS, Minnesota and USA)

The Nacel International School System (NISS) is a network of K-12 schools offering a high-quality American-style education in countries around the world. NISS is dedicated to providing students around the world with exceptional educational opportunities and access to culturally immersive experiences through the network of Nacel Open Door (NOD) programs and partners. This allows students to access study in different countries and cultures all within the same K12 educational system. NISS schools also benefit from being part of a global system, gaining access to programs designed to help future leaders learn how to be citizens of the world. Other NISS member schools are located in France, Poland, China, South Korea and Vietnam.