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At Stockbridge International School, a child will develop not only academic skills but gain positive attitude towards learning. Our program ensures wholistic development: learning is complemented with a structured active play program wherein they develop self confidence and self esteem.

Stockbridge International School aims to make learning relevant and meaningful to students by adopting an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner.


United Nations, Better World Posted by Stockbridge | 23 Oct 2015

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United Nations Day is celebrated across the globe to commemorate the founding of the United Nations. At Stockbridge American International School, the event was celebrated last October 23, 2015. The students had a wonderful showcase of traditional costumes as well as talents. Among the countries represented were Hawaii- USA, Japan, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Egypt, Canada, Spain and the Philippines.
United Nations is now celebrating its 70th founding anniversary with 193 member states. And the Philippines, is one of the 51 founding members back in 1945.  "More than the show, UN teaches us unity and global awareness. We have a strong history with United Nations; Strong UN means a better world.”
At the heart of United Nations mission is to make a commitment to maintain international peace and security, to develop friendly international relationships and to promote social progress, higher living standards and human rights. The Philippines is very much a part of the community of United Nations. Every day the world is more inter-connected and culturally dynamic. We are exploring what true Global Citizenship means in that context. We see beggars in the streets. Wars continue. We hear in the news about typhoon Koppu's recent devastation. Last last year when typhoon Yolanda hit, the Philippines received donations coming from all over the world. The Stockbridge students while watching the video cried and exclaimed "they have no more home". The school was also featured for initiating a fund raising project dubbed as “Small Hands, Big Help”. The students raised funds through selling their class-made crafts, ornaments and doing a carwash activity.
Teaching and celebrating United Nations is important because it exposes students to a worldview larger than home, family, neighborhood, and community. It provides an opportunity to teach about different cultures and the importance of working together. It's a fact of modern life that students cultural intelligence (CQ) and global awareness can be key factors of their future success. Kids who can understand, respect and engage with the world’s cultures are far more likely to succeed in many aspects of their lives.
Now more than ever, children need to develop a high level of global awareness, cultural intelligence and a global skill set to be prepared for a world of possibilities we can't yet imagine. When we start their global education young, awareness of the world leads to interest in the world, which leads to understanding how we fit into that world. At Stockbridge, students learn to become global citizens on their way to academic, personal and life success.

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