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At Stockbridge International School, a child will develop not only academic skills but gain positive attitude towards learning. Our program ensures wholistic development: learning is complemented with a structured active play program wherein they develop self confidence and self esteem.

Stockbridge International School aims to make learning relevant and meaningful to students by adopting an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner.


Stockbridge Foundation Day Posted by Stockbridge | 20 Nov 2015

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First, it gives us a sense of history. A school celebrates its foundation to reminisce and to honor its establishment. Stockbridge American International School formerly Tumble Tots was established as the first International franchise in Davao and in Mindanao. It was on October 20, 2003 that our school was granted permission to operate as Tumble Tots Philippines. However, history goes beyond its chronological date. To have a sense of history, it is very important to know where we’ve come from. Hence, on this day, we are reminded of how the school was formed 12 years ago.
Second, Foundation Day gives us a sense of mission and purpose. Why should we set aside a time in the busy life of a school year to celebrate Foundation Day? We celebrate so that we do not forget the vision of the people who established it, so that we make new again the vision which has inspired the School for the last 12 years. It is a reminder that at its foundation, Stockbridge American International School was to be a school inspired by the community to grow in the Passion to open an excellent K12 International School;  that Stockbridge American International School is to be a school where learning forms students to become leaders for a transformed world-community, as our newly updated vision states.
The name Stockbridge American International School came into existence in 2014 because we have officially sealed a partnership with the American partner who will sought to legitimize our vision. Together, we offer an American school and American-styled program, including curriculum and international programs, that allow students to access study in a variety of countries and cultures, all within the same K-12 educational system. We saw the need for such a school in Mindanao, the School we now know and enjoy. Today is therefore about remembering and honoring the mission and purpose  of the School .
Third and last, Foundation Day is a day of remembrance, a day of honoring, a day to celebrate what has been achieved over the past year, and a day to look forward to what is yet to come. This day stands as a reminder to us that when we forget our history, we move into an uncertain future. We celebrate the Day to maintain the school’s principle, so that the teachers, the staff, and the students will be reminded of it. 
Hence, our school has taken November 5 as the designated date for our Foundation Day. This date is a significant one for the Stockbridge American International School. The school’s mission is like a guiding star that leads us to where our school is heading. Today is Foundation Day, a day etched with tradition and history. We remember, so that we do not forget.

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