Why Study Elementary in Stockbridge?

Kinder to Grades 1-10 Programs

Stockbridge American International School provides students with the best educational opportunities for them to become Global Business Leaders.

Our students come from countries around the world and bring with them their own cultural experiences that are openly shared with their classmates. The international mindset means that students see past nationalities and see one another as fellow students and global collaborators.

At the center of everything that we do are our CORE values. Our CORE values include Leadership, Integrity, Open-mindedness, Nobility, and Stewardship or LIONS. These provide the guiding lights for everything we do inside the classroom, within our school walls, in our homes, in our communities, and throughout the world. These CORE values emphasize the essential and enduring components required to ensure achievement as a Global Leader and Lifelong Learner. Our CORE values will develop into what every graduate of Stockbridge American International School will be known for : the Stockbridge Advantage : Graduate Attributes (SAGA).

Our SAGA and the expansion of our global awareness leads us to the Stockbridge American International School academic curriculum. While we are board certified from the Department of Education here in the Philippines, we integrate various international curricula depending on your child’s academic program.

In our elementary school, we integrate the NACEL International School Systems Standards (USA). Therefore, we have a stronger presence of the foundations of the English language and the integration of media arts. The benefit of our integration of international curricula means that when your child completes an academic milestone, they will receive two certificates; one from the Department of Education and one from our US International educational partner.

Stockbridge American International School stands apart in our focus on Entrepreneurship. Two of our core subjects, Entrepreneurship and Innovations (EAI) and Leadership and Personality Development (LEAP), guide our students in learning how to be a global leader and a noble entrepreneur. Some outcomes from these two classes include researching and analyzing market trends, developing their own business plan, preparing for a successful job interview, and learning how to facilitate a Zoom meeting.

Stockbridge celebrates who we are throughout every academic year. However, our internationalization takes center focus during our yearly International Week celebrations. These celebrations take who we are and integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to further expand our global awareness and presence.

    Stockbridge Highlights:

  • International Curriculum grounded on NACEL (USA)
  • Dual Certificate Program: An International Certifice issued by NACEL (USA) and a Philippine Certificate issued by the Department of Education
  • Innovative Educational Facilities
  • Experiential Learning
  • Stockbridge Advantage Subject – Leadership and Personality Development (LEAP) and Entrepreneurship and Innovations (EAI)
  • Focus on Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship

Programs Offered:

Kindergarten (5.0 to 5.11 yo)

The kindergarten program marks a child’s entry into formal education. Stockbridge offers a high-quality kindergarten program with a strong core curriculum. Kindergarten students will learn Science, English Language Arts, Leadership and Personality Development, Math, and take part in an Individualized Reading Program. Children also develop strong social skills, independence, confidence, and a love for learning. As students connect their classroom learning with life skills, their achievements are being assessed and recorded in our LIONS PRIDE, our kindergarten badge book. This book will serve as a permanent record of skills learned in kindergarten. By the end of the program, students become confident learners, readers and writers, and ready for Grade 1.

Grades 1-3

As students step into their first years of grade school, they learn how to thrive in a technology-based classroom. Building upon the literacy skills introduced in kindergarten, students will practice penmanship and strengthen their reading comprehension. Concepts of digital well-being, business, and financial literacy are introduced. Filipino language class begins and students learn how to make connections across languages.

Grades 4-6

As young global business leaders, Stockbridge students first experience our Entrepreneurship and Innovations subject during these years. In this class, students are taught how to be entrepreneurs and business leaders. They learn how to research and analyze market trends, create their own business plan, and then bring their plan into fruition during our Market Day event. The development of their leadership skills will be expanded upon in the Stockbridge original subject class of Leadership and Personality Development.

Grades 7-10

Stockbridge Junior High School students take the center stage as they lead the development of their own SAGA. Students will expand their global awareness in world language classes and global collaboration projects. They will develop their own business proposal and hone their skills at creating an elevator pitch. Students will study various types of Entrepreneurship to determine the focus of their capstone project in becoming a young global business leader and noble entrepreneur.

Stockbridge Advantage Subjects:

Leadership and Personality Development (LEAP) program guides young students to make decisions and act responsibly toward the common good through developing the students’ ethical personality and leadership skills. Students will learn important lifelong skills that prepare them for today’s challenges and will be the foundation for a lifetime of success. It’s in this course that we explore integrity and the concept of becoming a confident Global Business Leader.

Entrepreneurship and Innovations (EAI) encompasses the fields of Information, Communication and Technology, Home Economics, and Entrepreneurship. This program gears towards the development of technological proficiency and is anchored on knowledge and information, entrepreneurial concepts, process and delivery, work values and life skills. Students learn the foundational skills of making a business plan, presenting a marketing strategy and starting their own business. This subject provides the base for becoming a Global Entrepreneur.