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Stockbridge International School - Britains leading pre school with over 500 centers worldwide

At Stockbridge International School, a child will develop not only academic skills but gain positive attitude towards learning. Our program ensures wholistic development: learning is complemented with a structured active play program wherein they develop self confidence and self esteem.

Stockbridge International School aims to make learning relevant and meaningful to students by adopting an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner.



A World Class Education Building Tomorrow's Global Leaders

The Stockbridge American International School program provides your child with a solid foundation for life long learning ready for the responsibilities and expectations of global citizenship.

To become pioneer global providers of excellent international education.

We, at Stockbridge International School, cultivate an environment of EXCELLENCE where our students' education and development is anchored on these six core pillars:


SAIS offers excellent American education based on American standards and an international curriculum that allow students to access study in a variety of countries and cultures; all within the same K-12 educational system.

Stockbridge American International School (SAIS) believes it is essential for young people to be guided to become empowered thinkers and effective communicators as to develop a deeper awareness of their role as citizens of the world through direct experience in other cultures and languages.

SAIS will provide a challenging academic program that will prepare future Stockbridge students the opportunity to achieve future success in colleges and universities in America and around the world.

We understand the level of trust you place in us when you enroll your child in Stockbridge American International School and we are committed to providing the very best care and quality experience and a strong commitment to meeting the needs of children and their families.

Our Curriculum: A Dual Approach

SAIS will follow an international curriculum to correlate with the Philippine host country curriculum. Additionally, to ensure an educational avenue where excellence in academic delivery and alignment with foreign partner schools are achieved; we are supported by our international pool of academic partners from Nacel International School Systems.


We will also focus on activities that lead to the development of cognitive academic areas and incorporates meaningfully subject-specific scope and sequence of basic academic skills as well as non-academic skills so that learning becomes relevant to young children. Integration provides a common framework, making learning more meaningful and connected. All activities are designed to enable students to become inquisitive, communicative and confident young learners as well as develop a well-rounded personality; socially and emotionally ready, artistic, imaginative, physically fit, and displays excellence in character and spirituality.


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