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Pre Kindergarten Program

The preschool years presents a golden opportunity to optimize child development. Birth to age five is a critical time in the development of all children. Research on brain development has shown that from birth to five years of age, children’s brains, develop the building blocks for academic, social and emotional functioning for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the foundation for student achievement is laid before a child ever sets foot in kindergarten.

All our programs feature:

  • Small class size
  • Individualized attention
  • A blend of learning and fun designed to make children into lifelong learners

Pre Kindergarten Program


(1.6 to 2yo)

Kids as young as 1.6 years old by June begin their first step as Smart Explorer 1 learning the basics of independence through self help skills to developing genuine interest in discovery and exploration of concepts.


(2 to 3yo)

The next level in our complete Pre Kindergarten program, Smart Explorer 2 is meant to enrich the child’s developing skill as an independent and confident learner. Her world becomes wider through learning science and social studies. A firmer foundation on literacy and numeracy is also established.


(3 to 4yo)

Learning to read requires many building-block skills such as phonological awareness and alphabet understanding. After working with a set number of letters, students are taught to read CVC words.


The curriculum emphasizes on a balance between the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills and the search for meaning of and understanding about the world. Students are given opportunities to construct meaning through the different activities and lessons inside and outside the classroom.


(4 to 5yo)

The program is set up so that our students will be experiencing success with reading. Students will be sorting letter sounds, blending and reading CVC words, which raises their confidence so that they can tackle more letters with ease.


The last level in the program ladder builds up in difficulty and complexity to meet the growing needs of children. The end goal is towards optimum development.

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