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K12 Program

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K12 Program

Kindergarten        5 years old
Grade 1                 6 years old
Grade 2                 7 years old
Grade 3                 8 years old
Grade 4                 9 years old
Grade 5                 10 years old
Grade 6                 11 years old


Stockbridge American International School provides a continual cycle of improvement established to provide all students with the best educational opportunities possible. Utilizing AERO and DepEd standards, we deliver an innovative ‘Framework for Instruction’ driven by constant and consistent assessment and feedback. The building blocks of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment are all grounded in maintaining and fostering a safe learning environment to create a ‘Culture of Learning’ through respect by engaging and challenging all students in every aspect of their educational experience.

Our ‘Six Pillars of Success’

Compassion, Honor, Integrity, Stewardship, Innovation, Leadership- emphasize the essential and enduring components required to ensure achievement as a lifelong learner. It is therefore the theme of our Mission Statement and the belief that we at Stockbridge American International Schools are “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”







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