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After School Adventures Program

After School Adventures Program

SAIS offers a variety of carefully selected and child centered after school adventures that will not only develop and enhance your child’s skills and natural talents but also work to support learning developed through our rigorous and stimulating dual Filipino-International Curriculum. We aim to have the best of both worlds and to be able to identify new areas of interest and potential which we can guide and support.


After school adventure clubs will operate on a semester basis and be available 2-3 times a week depending on popularity and availability. We would like to encourage all parents to allow their child to participate, grow and learn with us!. Depending upon take up and interest we hope to alternative activity clubs each term but will always be flexible to the needs of our parents and children. Below are just some of the vital skills our adventure club program nurtures, supports and develops so your child can follow our ethos from ‘being a learner today, to a leader tomorrow’!

What will your child gain from ASA program?


Communication and Confidence

Clubs provide a crucial social arena for children to not only engage and socialize with others but to be able to develop their own levels of communication and confidence with other, sometimes unfamiliar children in different classes. As children learn more skills when they interact and play with other children, they become more confident about themselves, with others and surroundings. It is vital in today’s workplace and the world to have not only the ability to communicate with others but the confidence for delivery to succeed and prosper. After school adventures provide an arena for children to socialize in school who may not do so in class or outside of school. Meeting new friends and expanding horizons is of benefit to all and will help support building a greater level of confidence and perseverance to challenges in life we may face.


Physical development and Stress Management

Getting into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle starts at a young age. A combination of a balanced diet with exercise helps support learning and understanding of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. With an emphasis on technology, it is important to exercise levels are not neglected. An active life is part of a healthy life. As a child grows and develops they begin to manage their emotions and feelings better. Physical exercise provides an outlet for all children to express themselves and sometimes let off some steam in a constructive manner. Sports also allow personality traits such as leadership, sportsmanship and drive to develop. Physical activity is also known to have a positive impact on behavior and will, therefore, benefit classroom learning.


Team Building and Group Work

For any team to be a success, working together is crucial to achieving an objective utilizing different strengths of individuals from a group in order to succeed. After school adventures help foster and build the crucial skill of being able to participate effectively as a group and not always placing the individual first at the cost of the wider group. Learning how to deal with different personalities and situations is something we all face from an early age. This is a vital skill and is increasingly more important as we become a more globalized and connected world.


Stimulation and Creativity

The younger children are, the faster they grow, learn and develop. Children are naturally incredibly curious about the outside world and wider environment in which they live. Providing the right opportunities for self-expression and advancement in order to take advantage of their natural curiosity to life is a critical part of the learning process. New skills which have been learned can then be applied to other areas, both inside and outside of school.

After School Adventures


Stocky’s Beats and Steps (Dance)

Younger children are able to learn music through dancing, clapping and singing. Counting and singing can be used to support what is being taught in classrooms. This ASA allows a structured but learn through play approach to music. Instruments will be available such as drums and keyboards where children can investigate and explore the different sounds they can make. Carers and parents are welcome to come and join in the fun!


Stocky’s Chorale and Groove (Music)

Older children can begin to start developing specific musical skills and playing percussion instruments with dancing and solo singing opportunities. This ASA has keyboards, drums available and will be adding more instruments soon! The classes will lay a solid foundation for musical achievement and they will begin to learn the early steps of reading and writing music. We would encourage any child who has a musical background or experience with an instrument to come and join in.


Stocky Reading Masters with Mr Edward (Reading)

Children will be given the chance to read with the Stockbridge American International School Academic Head. This is an excellent opportunity for small group reading support and guidance from a caring and patient native speaker of English. Speaking with a native speaker on a regular basis will give children a strong advantage in mastering the language and enable them to take advantage of this unique opportunity in Davao.


Stocky’s Kickers (Sports)

The club is to provide safe and structured play for children and will offer sports such as Football, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Dodgeball, Athletics and even Martial Arts! The sports on offer will help develop physical, emotional and mental development of all participants as well as providing excellent team bonding activities amongst the group.

science fusion

Science Fusion

Students showcase their scientific projects to the audience, presenting steps taken in the build up to their group project along with a demonstration. On Science Fusion day, Stockbridge invites a guest speaker to talk more about their field area so students are able to learn more about a specific scientific field. Learning from their science projects and listening to the guest speaker will broaden kids’ minds and will have them looking forward to learning more about science.

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