Uniquely designed for every level of learning, each classroom caters to your child’s needs at every age.

Explore and Discover

Kids have the avenue to tap their curiosity with these specially designed routes of discovery and exploration.


The unique inclusion of a structured active play program in the curriculum makes Stockbridge program unique with a 2A’s advantage – academic and active play. We call this “Smartplay”.


Play is essential to children who are growing. That’s why our playroom is a safe place for kids to enjoy and have fun while learning.

Junior Booktopia

Toddlerhood is when a child’s newfound ability to run around may mean it’s harder to get them to sit down with a book whilst offering a multitude of distractions. Here, their surge of independence will thrive and become nurtured as they can decide whether to sit, squat and even lie down in a cozy, welcoming space to browse through a rich collection of texts while they read picture books and begin to build an interest and love for reading.

Apprentice Booktopia

The Apprentice Booktopia offers independent reading, personal exploration, project research, and individual assessment where students experience a variety of book genres and other reading materials in a warm and colorful environment.


Our Audio Visual Room is packed with high-dolby surround sound quality speakers for kids to be at their optimum learning.

Science & Speech Lab

We make sure that kids are well-trained in their speech and in the realm of updated science education.

Administrative Office

We make sure that all transactions are processed well and rightly.

Teacher’s Lounge

When teachers hang out, they make sure to calibrate as they teach your kids with the high quality education they need.

Conference Room

This is where great ideas are being discussed and are polished for implementation.

Music & Art Room

Aspiring students who can be the next Beethoven and Michelangelo are being trained with our Music and Art Room.


Kids interact with each other and enjoy a fun time at the Playground. The playground is designed to keep kids safe while they’re having fun.